Event Calendar – November 2017

Hiya Everyone,
Here is a list of some of the upcoming events for the month of November. Cheers!

Daily Login for November is- First order TIE Pilot, First order TIE Fighter

Daring Droid (R2-D2)

  • Starts: Oct 26th
  • Ends: Nov 1st
  • Min Level Requirement: 20 for Tier 1. Level recommendation rises with each subsequent tier
  • Notes: Requires Empire Characters

Territory Battle- Hoth: Rebel

  • Starts: Nov 2nd
  • Ends Nov 7th

Fleet Mastery- Endurance

  • Starts: Nov 3rd
  • Ends: Nov 3rd
  • Notes: Requires 6 star or higher Ships

Assault Battle- Military Might

  • Starts: Nov 4th
  • Ends: Nov 5th
  • Notes: Requires Rebels, Clones

Ghosts of Dathomir (Nightsister Zombie & Spirit)

  • Starts: Nov 4th
  • Ends Nov 4th

Omega – “Rebels and Geonosians”

  • Starts: Nov 5th
  • Ends: Nov 5th

Emperor’s Demise (Emperor Palpatine)

  • Starts: Nov 9th
  • Ends Nov 15th

Assault Battles- Places of Power

  • Starts: Nov11th
  • Ends: Nov 12th

Territory Battles- Hoth: Rebel

  • Starts Nov 13th
  • Ends: Nov 18th

Fleet Mastery- Home One

  • Starts: Nov 14th
  • Ends: Nov 14th
  • Notes: Requires 6-Star (or Higher) ships

Heroic- Endor Escalation

  • Starts: Nov 15th
  • Ends: Nov 15th

Omega- “First Order and Scoundrels”

  • Starts Nov 16th
  • Ends Nov 16th

Assault Battles- Places of Power

  • Starts: Nov 18th
  • Ends: Nov 19th

The Artist of War (Grand Admiral Thrawn)

  • Starts: Nov 23rd
  • Ends Nov 29th
  • Notes: requires Phoenix Squadron
  • (Chimaera will NOT be joining Thrawn this time around).

Assault Battles- Forest Moon

  • Starts: Nov 25th
  • Ends: Nov 26th

Fleet Mastery- Executrix

  • Starts: Nov 29th
  • Ends: Nov 29th
  • Notes: Requires 6-Star (or Higher) ships

New Kylo Ren

A new Kylo Ren character has been revelaed! The unmasked version!
Alongside a new TIE Special Forces Pilot, Kylo’s TIE Silencer, and a new TIE SF FIighter!
We look at the forum post today so no footage in today’s video but either tomorrow or Thursday I’ll have videos up showcasing all of this stuff in action! Enjoy!


See also the EA Forum Post on the topic.