The Sith are a group of ten guilds accepting all in a very NonSith way. We have 7 HATT farming guilds but range from casual t7-prehAAT to front runners on new content releases! We have 20* to just shy of 40* Territory Battle guilds available. Hate it love it we have a home for you!

We are looking for you! New players, Old players and everything in between. You will not find a more ridiculous bunch of Sith lords, Ladies, Assassins and Destroyers around. Interested in merging your guild of 5, 10 or even 40 into our community? We do that as well! Please inquire with us we are always looking to grow!

Exact requirements vary from guild to guild. We aim to help you grow and achieve your goals! Come join one of the fastest growing communities today! We represent a majority of time zones and are always looking to represent more.

Come talk to us today, share a beer, and swap war stories, figuratively or really, we have a large military veteran presence inside our community. We will find you the perfect guild to raid in and guarantee you will laugh while we conquer the Galaxy together.